Advance Group Pack and Ship World Record Breaking Classic Motorcycle, 'Old Bill'

Built in 1922 by the Brough Factory this one of a kind motorcycle, a Brough Superior SS 80 1000cc now widely known as 'Old Bill', was built specifically for George Brough, the owner of the company, to use as his personal racing machine.

The bike was origionally called 'Spit & Polish' because of its constant immaculate appearance. George Brough took the bike to its first race at Brooklands the year it was made and won the race with an average speed of over 100Mph (in 1922!) which was the first side valve machine to ever do this. The second race that year was not as much of a success story with George Brough being involved in a very nasty accident and both bike and rider were badly damaged.

While George was cared for in hospital the bike was returned to the factory to be rebuilt. George Brough returned the next year just as determined and his engineers had transformed his bike back to its former glory giving it a new name in the process, 'Old Bill', named after a famous newspaper carton character at the time.

In 1923 George Brough and 'Old Bill' enter 52 sprints races and won the 51 of them! In the 52nd George Brough and 'Old Bill' again crossed the line with the fastest time, but they were not attached to each other.

George suffered severe injuries and remained in hospital for several months. Once again his factory workers worked their magic and returned 'Old Bill' to all its glory however with one difference, it was built for road use. The company was struggling for money to pay the workers so 'Old Bill' was transformer to a road going machine and sold..

Through the years the bike has then passed through several owners hands with the last owner receiving possession as a gift in 1955.

That person owned the bike up until 2012 when he gave the task to H&H auctions to sell the bike. Our friends at H&H did just that and with interest from all around the world the bike finally sold for a world record breaking £292,000, the biggest sale price of any motorcycle at a public auction.

H&H this year trusted the task of packing and shipping this one of a kind motorbike to its international buyer to the Advance Group. We are proud to say that the bike is now safely with its new owner who we are sure will get many years of pleasure from it.

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