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In 1993 the Directors of Advance Forwarding teamed up with Keith Large to launch Advance Packing under the Advance Group umbrella to allow us to offer a first class Export Packing Service to our customers so we can provide a one stop shop for all your freight forwarding and packing needs. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to go to our specialist packing website.


Export Packing Service


Case, Crate and Pallet Supply


Specialist Packing Services

In the last 20 years the Advance Packing team have now built up a reputation within the industry for being some of the best in business at packing and protecting just about anything for international transportation. This experienced team now means that we can provide a comprehensive service that provides our customers with all of their Freight Forwarding and Packing needs all in one place. We can collect your items from you, bring them back to our purpose built warehouse and get the team to ensure they are professionally, safely and securely packed before we send them wherever in the world they need to go. This means that no matter what far reaches of the world your items are going to, once they leave our hands they are totally protected from whatever their journey has to throw at them.


If you would prefer to pack your items yourself before we ship them for you we can easily accommodate. We can work with you and our team in Advance Packing to custom make you however many Export Packing Cases, Crates or Pallets to whatever specifications you need. We can then deliver them to your door and give you time to pack them for yourself. Once you are ready we can pick up your packed items from you and ship them on to any international destination by whatever means suits your needs and budget.


Our team in the Advance Packing warehouse have experience in packing all kinds of items no matter how big they are and how fragile they are so don't be afraid to put them to the test. They have years of experience and skill in packing everything from from Fine Antiques to Hazardous and Dangerous Goods so whatever you are looking to send we can help.

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